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Illuminating the pathway to success, where students dream, discover their strengths, and plan for their future.

YLA Officers

Welcome the 2016-2017 YLA Officers!

Officer Mission for YMCA Latino Achievers:
Changing the future by developing strong, courageous leaders

Antioch High School

Fresia Garcia:

I got involved with YLA because it has impacted me in a major way. Being a part of this club has educated me in countless manners. I knew this club was a great thing because my sister was a member. I wanted, also, to be a member and explore its realms. My reasons for becoming an officer were that I wanted to be a lot more involved, wanted to contribute, have a say, and help as much as I can. I wanted to continue growing with YLA.

Co-Vice Presidents

Vanesa Gasca & Valeria Bautista

Vanesa Gasca: I got involved with Latino Achievers because I wanted to be more open-minded about my future and opportunities in my path. I chose to become a YLA officer becuase just like Latino Achiever's changed me to think about a better future, I would like to encourage others o join and think positive, especially those that may think they have no future.

Valeria Bautista:
My cousin talked me into staying in Latino Achievers. She told me about how beneficial this program would be and ever since 9th grade I've been here. I chose to become a YLA officer because I wanted to become a better leader and help others strive for the best in their lives and careers.

Co-Communications Directors
Sebastian G. Penagos & Mariz Gendy

Sebastian Penagos: I got involved in Latino Achievers because they told me they go to field trips and they help you with going to college. I chose to become a YLA officer because I wanted to grow the club an help new members like they helped me when I was new.

Cane Ridge High School

Vice President
Penelope Guzman
I got involved in Latino Achievers to learn more about the college process and to become a part of a family. I chose to be an officer so I could teach others about YLA and ensure the future of Latino Achievers.
Communications Director
Fatima Guzman
I got involved with Latino Achievers to get more involved with the Latino community. I thought being involved would make it easier for me to become myself and break from my shell. I was right! I became an officer to build my leadership skills. I also wanted to be an example for all the other leaders that will be attending the Cane Ridge club meetings.

Glencliff High School

Juan Vazquez:

I got involved with Latino Achievers because a friend invited me to the field trips so I went. I've continued to go to the meetings ever since. I chose to become an officer because of my good friend Arturo. He was president so it was only right I became president.

Vice President
Cesar Nieto:

I got involved in Latino Achievers because I wanted to join a club which would be beneficial to my future. I also got my friend to explain it to me. It also was mentioned to me by Oscar V. 


Amy Guerrero:

MLK was lacking a strong Latino community before Latino Achievers was present. I desperately wanted that to bring this program to MLK to not only strengthen those relationships, but to also bring a more prominent conversation about college to the table. I became an officer because I have always been aware of my privileges in comparison of other Latinos, whereas I knew I was going to college since before the 4th grade. Being an officer allows me to use this voice to represent others less fortunate than myself while developing leadership skills and a great community at MLK.

Co-Vice Presidents
Oscar Villanueva & Elvis Mendez

Elvis Mendez:
I got involved in Latino Achievers to help me develop leadership skills and learn to interact with people and help them reach a common goal while also helping myself achieve my own goals. I chose to become a YLA officer because I wanted to help people learn about YLA and be part of a program that helps students learn about college and how to apply, etc.

Co-Communications Director
Christian Rodriguez & Alexis Serna

Alexis Serna:
I got involved in Latino Achievers to help myself and friends who are Latino to know about college and all the fun experiences at YLA. I chose to become a YLA officer to help advise new people about the club and meet new people.

McGavock High School

Ruth Delgado

Vice President
Nayeli Martinez

I got involved with Latino Achievers because I want to learn more about college and be more involved. I also wanted to meet new people, experience more, and to have more confidence in myself. I chose to be an officer because I want to be a leader and make everyone succeed. I want to help people do the right choices and to take the right path.

Club Advisor
Ms. Gabrielle Galat

YLA is another way for me to support and build relationships with multilingual students at McGavock. I love spending time with old and new students outside of class time and helping students work towards their goals.

Overton High School


Gabino Transito:

I will be a junior and the President of The YLA Club at John Overton High School. I started going to the YLA meetings, participating in weekend events and other field trips during my sophomore year. I did not join during my freshman year because I was not very interested, and saw no need for it. Now, I regret that decision because being part of Latino Achievers for only one year, was enough to open new doors and to have hope for a higher education. To me, Latino Achievers is the club that I will forever be involved with. I believe that YLA really does help people from any background to find their way in life. This club does not only motivate you to go to a college or university, but it helps you find the best option for you. This is what I love about YLA; it understands that different people have different options that work specifically for that individual. Finally, what I love most about YLA is how it brings many students from different high schools together

Co-Vice Presidents
Axel Amador & Anna Gamino

Victor Mendoza

I got involved with Latino Achievers because I care about my education. Both of my brothers and parents told me that this would help me with my education. I chose to become an officer because I wanted to help others choose the right path and make the right choices for their education.

Hunters Lane High School

Lourdes Nieto:

I got involved with Latino Achievers and noticed that within the first few meetings I learned so much about college and about myself. YLA is such a great resource to help me reach my definition of success. I became an officer because YLA has helped me so much through my college process. I want to be able to give back to my classmates and contribute with everyone in the group the way YLA helps me.

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